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Computers of Charleston is one of the best rated computer repair shops in the greater Charleston area for a reason.  With a combined experience of well over 40 years in the tech industry--there is nothing that we cannot handle.  We believe in keeping it simple, honest, and being straightforward with our clients and customers.  We don't have any contracts with any name brands, like most "Big Box" stores tend to, which allows us to give our honest opinion to any question you might have about current or upcoming technology.  We are not a retail store, so our brand--more importantly what we sell--is our service, which we stand by proudly.


I want to share a part of a job posting that another local computer company posted for their employee requirements:


"SELLING the job you were called for, then determining what else we can sell them while we are there. Up-selling is a REQUIRED skill for this position. If you are nervous about talking to people and trying to get more work out of them, then this job is NOT for you."


Computers of Charleston does not believe in this philosophy.  We do not see ourselves as salesmen who are there to figure out how much money we can get from our clients and customers.  We are here to help, and view those we help as people--not as opportunities to sell and make money.  It is our philosophy to do good work, and when the time comes that you need technical support again you will think of the company that did a great job and didn't try and "see what else we could sell you" while we were there.


Finally, our diagnostics are 100% free.  That means if you bring us a computer with a problem, it is free for us to diagnose the problem.  Once we figure out what the problem is, we contact you to let you know what the cost of the repair would be and from there it is up to you whether or not you would like us to do the work.  If we don't fix it, we don't charge you.  Finally, our turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours, depending on whether or not we have to order a part.  Most "Big Box" stores take days, if not weeks, to do what we do.


Please feel free to check out our Google Reviews to see what others are saying about us, or reach out to us via phone, email, or our "Contact Us" page here on this site.

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