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Custom Builds

One of the many services offered at Computers of Charleston is our Custom PC / Gaming PC Builds.  We have and continue to build high quality desktop computers for people from all walks of life.  So whether you are a hardcore gamer, an architect, or someone who simply wants a reliable desktop that exceeds their expectations--get in touch with us and let us build you the machine of your dreams.


Some of our clients biggest concerns and questions:


Cost.  Cost is the determining factor in a custom PC build.  You absolutely must have a budget in mind--we can't work without knowing what you're looking to spend!  As a general rule of thumb, we typically tell our clients that on top of the cost in parts, to expect about $500 to go into the labor of building it, configuring it, and the cost of software (Operating System, MS Office, etc.)  Our custom builds will cost less than a factory built machine the majority of the time because we order parts direct and do not mark up the parts.  If you find a part for a cheaper price, from a reputable vendor, we have no problem getting that part for you---and that is how you end up getting more bang for your buck when you choose to build a custom computer with us.  On average, doing a custom build can save you anywhere between $200-$1000.


Warranty.  The majority of the parts we use are warrantied for *at least* one year.  Optional, longer, parts warranties are available for an additional cost, which again, is not marked up and taken directly from the manufacturer.  If something goes wrong and you need to return a part, we handle all of that for you---another reason to choose us---less of a headache if something goes wrong.  We don't just build the PC, but we help you take care of it as time goes on and are always available to help.  We stand by our work.


Software.  All of our builds come with Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise (and everything in between), or Server editions based on your needs.   We can also install earlier versions of Windows, but don't recommend this to clients for security purposes. We have experience in building gaming machines, CAD/3D design workhorses, Virtual Reality ready machines, servers for businesses, and anything else you can dream up.  Also included in every build software package is Microsoft Office


Again, we have built machines for lawyers, doctors, architects, gamers, designers, antique companies, and have even built servers for virtual classrooms!  There is no limit to what we can build for you.


Finally, you can go online to a company like Dell (Alienware), and customize a build and bring the specs to us and let us build you something equal (or better!) for less!

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